VIGOR Secure

Certify and store your important private documents, simply

Keep complete control of your privacy


- It is here now
- It is in use
- It is App Store & Play Store approved
- It is cheap to run
- It can be deployed immediately
- Its simplicity makes it very secure
- It carefully addresses privacy concerns

Health Passports are a hot topic

People are suspicious, and rightly so, that any central database can put their personal information at risk, as if everything we do on the computer these days doesn’t?

VIGOR Secure is a simple but powerful document certification & storage program designed deliberately with no central database. This means that there is nothing to search or hack and hence your data can’t be misused or otherwise misappropriated. That’s right! This really is quite surprising and it's a fascinating example of digital evolution which really does put you in charge of your own data.

It’s a completely safe place where you can put documents that you don’t want to lose; birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees or vaccination cards.

Well, you get the picture.

You simply use the App to upload your document to the secure VIGOR cloud storage and it instantly creates a unique web page - just for you - storing your document, and sends your mobile device a QR code.

So, when you need to show a document and demonstrate its validity, maybe an ID or a vaccination certificate, just have whoever scan the QR Code and the document will appear like magic, even over a slow 2G connection. No need to print it out and carry it; or print it out and then lose it.

Of course, you can print it and carry it if you wish.

Anyone scanning the QR code of the paper copy can instantly check its validity.

The App certifies when your document was uploaded and validates the authenticity of your document using the original encrypted stored image.

Best of all, VIGOR Secure is completely free to its users. You control access to your documents. No else has access unless you show them the QR Code.

Anyone can use VIGOR Secure.

At least you can if you can find your phone


Getting started


Uploading your document


You can share it if you wish

Project Description

Project Description:

Virological Intelligence Global Organisation for Research Limited
Co. No. 12612005

The company was formed in 2020 in order to develop a suitable method of enabling citizens to record their important documents in a certified manner where their data remained under their personal direct control.

We recognised in late March 2020 that an ability to record and demonstrate health status regarding COVID tests, recovery & vaccinations was bound to be required.

The question will no doubt arise as to how a small startup, working with limited resources, were able to create such a ground breaking solution?

The answer is that the founders Nick Lightbody & Matthew Haughton have worked with business data systems for many years and as a result they understand how systems actually work and know how to achieve results quickly and cheaply. Many system architects will design systems with the underlying purpose of making themselves indispensable.

We designed VIGOR Secure for the public benefit.

We are grateful for the informal support we have received from Professor Gerard Parr and his colleagues in the School of Computing Sciences at University of East Anglia.

Here are our guiding principles:

1. We recognised that citizens' concerns regarding privacy and the security of their own information required the creation of a method which put people in complete control of their own data otherwise the desirable near universal take-up would not occur;

2. That in practice such a service should be generalised to permit the secure storage and certification of any document that the individual wished to store safely, privately and securely;

3. It should be accessible and run over a mere slow cellular connection so that high local demand would deduce the risk of breaking the service through poor network communications;

4. It was highly desirable that the service would be cheap and simple to run;

5. Lo-cost meant that the service should primarily use common mobile devices (iOS & Android) on the user side (so that it would not require the creation of any new device which would no doubt be likely to be rendered out of date as soon as it was released); and

6. Lo-cost meant avoiding expensive and inherently insecure (based on our practical observation) database technology and we recognised that this approach matched a possible approach to addressing citizen's privacy concerns.

Technical Description

Part A: User App

A 40mb Free multilingual App authorised for distribution by the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android); the user is responsible for maintaining the security of their own mobile device.

Part B: Encrypted network communications

The App communicates anonymously with the cloud server using industry standard encrypted network communications specifying the URL at which the Certificate is to be stored.

Part C: Cloud server

A Google Firebase server located in Europe receives the anonymous data, processes it and generates the self-contained web page that contains the data, uploads it to the client specified URL and deletes the temporary database record.

Part D: Web server

A normal simple cheap web server will store the self contained HTML pages (which are typically 125k in size) and publish them when and only when they receive a request for the correct URL. The only person who knows that URL is the user. A 1TB web server will store between 5-7 million document certificates from about £50 / month.

Self validating:

Very simple fast self validation is a key feature.

The certificate can be read on any phone - if someone wishes to check that it is genuine they merely need to scan the QR code on the certificate with their own phone to view the original - hence preventing false / duplicated or edited certificates being used illegally.

Key facts

- It is here now
- It is in use
- It is App Store & Play Store approved
- It is cheap to run
- It can be deployed immediately
- Its simplicity makes it very secure
- It carefully addresses privacy concerns