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About VIGOR Secure

What is VIGOR Secure?

Supporting iOS & Android this international App fully expresses the simplicity and transparency values of our project. It is fast, easy to use, multilingual and has three different functions.

1. The App enables participants to use their mobile phone or tablet to record a COVID-19 or other medical event, such as a Test, leaving hospital when recovering from an infection, an immunisation or other relevant event. That event is stored securely in the cloud for its medically accepted useful lifespan and the participant's Secure Certificate is then always available to certify their COVID-19 status using a mobile phone or tablet, a laptop or desktop computer or a printed paper certificate.

2. It enables medically approved professionals to securely certify the validity of the COVID-19 event. The event record cannot be created without the appropriate certification of the medically approved professional. Every Secure certificate is a micro responsive webpage with inline css and a Base64 QR Code.

3. It enables participants self certify their own status, to join our global research programme and to securely donate their personal data supporting the fight against COVID-19.

Currently supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish & Italian.

The App will crowd source an image library which will be used to train machine learning to identify events and guide the user.

Under our Privacy and Security Policy the user’s necessarily identifiable Certification data is never mixed with their personal donations of research data. The Certification server is a Google Firebase cloud system and the Research server is an AWS Dynamo cloud system. The two streams of data only ever co-exist on the user’s device.

We have implemented SHA512 encryption, which is judged to be quantum-safe. We use SHA512 for the encrypted signatures on certificates and medical practitioner QR codes. SSL for network traffic. We will use RSA public-private key to secure the data before upload.
This App and the associated cloud services are designed to be used by anyone with access to a fairly modern digital device able to run under Apple iOS (as far back as the iPhone5s) or the Google Android OS. A facility to clear all data from the App is included so that devices could be shared by multiple citizens.

The devices will require an internet connection, geolocation and a camera.

The service is designed to be commissioned or approved by governments and parastatal organisations as a means to providing their citizens with a safe, secure and simple method of certifying their COVID-19 status. The App has been developed to enable certification of a wide range of events.

The App has a very light data footprint to ensure that it works well in places with limited network bandwidth.


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Virological Intelligence Global Organisation for Research Limited

This is a Company Incorporated in England & Wales under Company No.12612005. Here are the formal details.

The underlying idea was to create a reliable and international form of certification enabling citizens to create secure formal certification of a wide range of events that was widely recognised and secure. We were encouraged by our informal collaborators at the University of East Anglia to develop an appropriate App combining secure certification and the ability for participants to thereby donate research data.

The IPR in the project is currently held by the originators, Nick Lightbody & Matt Haughton, and will be licensed to Virological Intelligence Global Organisation for Research Limited and other entities as required.

When did this project commence?

The project started when Nick Lightbody started looking for collaborators on 28th March 2020.

He was joined first by Matt Haughton and then by Bogusia Lightbody & Zab Scoon.

Who are the current participants?

Nick Lightbody - Management

After a Business Studies Scholarship from Shell-Mex BP at Gordonstoun School he graduated from University of Sussex in 1976 and has worked in yacht racing, commercial law, software development, business startups and education. He retired as a Solicitor in 1999. He is a comprehensivist and has been based in Cambridge since 2017 developing innovations in education focused on efficient use of web publication. He believes that efficient simple software with low power consumption and a small data footprint is environmentally the best way forward.

Matt Haughton - Engineering

Matt graduated in 2002 after studying a BSc in Artificial Intelligence at The University of Sheffield. A great deal of his career since then has involved building bespoke business database systems and he has worked in multiple industries, including education, construction, insurance, finance, warehouse logistics, international travel and retail. Matt has been lead developer on many successful software development projects that involved back-end database development, detailed business analysis, front end design, security planning and distributed mobile device deployment. He has also given technical lectures on integrating new technologies such as AWS encrypted authorisation and machine learning algorithms into business systems.

Zab Scoon - Financial & Design

On completion of a Business and European Studies degree from DeMontfort University he went on to study finance whilst working in the City of London. He later moved to Munich, Germany to become the Head of Finance/Junior Finance Director for Universal Studios. Co-running the family design firm, Software Development, Business Startups and Tour Management. Strengths in visual design and user experience. Zab and Bogusia will deal with Ui & Ux.

Bogusia Lightbody - Relationships & Design

With an MA in Education, 20 years teaching experience, her own silver hallmark and a photography portfolio she is expert in getting things to look just right and simplifying the user experience. Her wide international experience and empathetic skills enable her to ensure that relationships function well. Bogusia and Zab will deal with Ui & Ux

Supporting many languages

We presently support users in English (UK), Polish, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

Please let us know if you can offer us some help with translation into any language? Email us on enquiries@vigor.earth. Thank you.

Thank you to our community translators!

Translation Credits

David Zhang: Chinese

Ibrahim Bittar: Spanish

Aleksandra Sawa: Polish

Francesco Basso: Italian