Virological Intelligence Global Organisation for Research

The VIGOR Secure App

Supports iOS & Android

This international App fully expresses the simplicity and transparency values of our project. It is fast, easy to use, multilingual and has three different functions.

Function 1

Securely record an event

1. The App enables participants to use their mobile phone or tablet to record an event, such as an academic test, a medical test, an immunisation or other relevant critical event. That event is stored securely in the cloud for its accepted lifespan and the participant's VIGOR Secure Certificate is then always available to certify their status using a mobile phone or tablet, a laptop or desktop computer or a printed paper certificate.

Function 2

Authenticate supervisor

VIGOR approved supervisors obtain their secure QR code from the App. They securely certify the validity of the relevant event which cannot be submitted without the supervisor's approval. Every Secure certificate is a completely self contained micro responsive web page with inline css and a Base64 QR Code.

Function 3

Securely donate research data

The App enables participants to join our global health research programme and securely donate their personal data to support that endeavour. The current research questionnaire was prepared by the University of East Anglia. It concerns the participant's personal health, work, family & residential circumstances. The data is used to assist research into significant threats to our health.

Multiple language support

The App currently supports English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish & Polish and as a global product it will support any required language as necessary.

What about Privacy?

Protecting Citizens’ privacy is the foundation of our project. For Secure Certification to work for citizens globally it is necessary for their secure certificates to identify the legitimate holder by referring to some form of accepted identity document, which will vary from country to country. Hence, depending on local requirements, citizen’s may provide their passport, driving licence or Identity Card No. in order to establish their personal ownership of their certification. We explain more about our innovative security model below. This personal and sensitive data is never permanently stored on any database. It is temporarily stored, duly encrypted, on Firebase whilst the certification is validated and the HTML self validating certificate is created.

The citizen’s data is then removed completely from Firebase so that the only remaining record is the HTML page which is not accessible unless the citizen has revealed its URL. Under our Privacy and Security Policy the user’s necessarily identifiable Certification data is never mixed with their personal donations of research data. So the Certification server is a Google Firebase cloud system and the Research server is an AWS Dynamo cloud system. The two streams of data only ever coexist within the user’s device.

We use SHA512 encryption for the encrypted signatures on certificates and supervisor QR codes and SSL for network traffic.

Who will use it?

This App and the associated cloud services are designed to be used by anyone, any citizen, with access to a fairly modern digital device able to run under Apple iOS (as far back as the iPhone5s) or the Google Android OS. A facility to clear all data from the App is included so that devices could be shared by multiple citizens or a device can be cleared of data if it is to be disposed of.

The devices will require an internet connection, geolocation and a camera.

The App has a very light data footprint to ensure that it works well in places with limited network bandwidth. In testing the App runs happily on iOS or Android using only a 2G cellular network to communicate.